The characteristic property profile of CeradurXL:

  • good wear characteristics
  • good dry-running characteristics
  • low wire wear 
standard color(s):
  • grey (similar RALL 7037)
delivery form:
  • sheets, rods
application areas:
  • paper industry
special colour(s):
  • --
finished parts:
  • upon request (infoatwefapress [dot] com)

Wefapress CeradurXL (DIN 16972 TG1)

is an ultra-high molecular weight low pressure polyethylene (PE-UHMW) with a molecular weight of approximately 9.2 million g/mol. The use of a cross-linking agent lengthens the molecular chain in the polymer, allowing it to develop wear properties that surpass those of the wire. Additional modifying agents are also added to this material. CeradurXL is particularly suitable for use in the wet area of the paper machine, up to 1200 m/min.