Chemical resistance

Our list “resistance of Wefapress plastics against chemicals and other media” contains information on the chemical resistance of Wefapress polyethylene based on PE-UHMW (GUR®) and PE-HMW (GHR®) from Ticona’s production line.

This information is intended as a guideline. Please get in touch with your contact partner for further information and more precise details on specific applications.



The list provides information on the change observed when using the substances indicated. The results are set out as follows:

Key to symbols
(swelling <3% or weight loss <0,5%, fracture strain does not change significantly)
limited resistance
not resistant
or boiling temperature
does not apply to welded joints
discoloration possible


  • However, this information does not replace the test to verify chemical compatibility (according to RM001) as part of type-testing.
  • Exact derivations from this brochure are not guaranteed.
  • Under certain conditions, polyethylene absorbs moisture in liquid as well as in gas form.


Please get in touch with your contact partner if you have any questions.