filta-plast (porous PE)

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The filter material filta-plast (porous PE) is a ultra-high molecular weight los pressure polyethylene (UHMW-PE) with very high density and hydrophobic properties. filta-plast is optimised for filtering liquids and gases, atomisation, gassing and aeration, as well as fluidisation.

The porous structure and chemical resistance of filta-plast permit condensation separation, and separation of emulsions or membranes in electrodialysis. filta-plast can also be used as a carrier body for liquids, e. g. in the form of porous sheets.

A special selection of precisely defined particle sizes, in connection with the process parameters, enables the production of widest variety of forms with varying pore sizes. filta-plast is available in sheets, rods, tubes or moulded form per customer specification, among others. Fusing with welding mirrors and chemical / mechanical adhesion is possible with this material. Last but not least, filta-plast is resistant to alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, organic compounds such as industrial oils, and is resistant to strong alkalis and acids.

Temperature load for filta-plast:
  • + 82 °C continuous load
  • + 100 °C no load
  • + 116 °C intermittent

Characteristics of filta-plast:
  • filter grade of 15 to 40 microns
  • chemical resistance
  • hydrophobicity
  • porosity freely selectable
  • density: 0,55
  • pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene as base material