Finished parts

Professional, precise, punctual

At Wefapress, we reliably carry out customer orders with the most advanced modeling software and special computer-controlled machines that represent the latest state of the art.

Regardless of the demands and requirements our customers may have in the area of machining: Wefapress guarantees maximum product safety by using manufacturing technology that satisfies the highest standards.

Arguments for Wefapress® finished parts
  •     Decades of experience in manufacturing pressed sheets and machining (since 1955, first manufacturer and fabricator)
  •     High training level due to our internal training program for machining and CAD drafting and programming.
  •     Generous premium program (some 20 types) for base materials, along with more than 10 standards
  •     The latest CNC processing for turning and milling
  •     Extensive profile manufacturing using the most modern profiling machines
  •     Standard program on stock: Chain and belt guides, steel C-profiles, galvanized/V2A/polished. (also machined -stamped/drilled)
  •     Finished parts and profiles made of PE-UHMW, PE-HMW and PP, as well as other engineering plastics
  •     The latest welding technology and equipment
  •     Large color selection (approximately 40 standards)

  •     Wefacut: online cutting calculation
  •     Technical support for inquiries regarding components and units
  •     Flexible processing of small quantities and series
  •     Ultrasound examination /model construction / independent laboratory examination