Football in Vreden

Picking up on four basic ideas - sport-related youth work, measures with and beyond sports for promoting youth, public relations and sponsoring - the unique pilot project got under way in April 2007 in cooperation with the German Sports University in Cologne. The goal was the implementation of innovative training methods, especially for children and adolescents, and also guiding young club members to an early start in independently and autonomously taking on jobs within the club structure.

The project partnership initially focused on the infrastructure of the Hamaland Stadium and consequently on the possibilities of improving and expanding the program for fostering children and adolescents together. The establishment of a new changing area, the mini playing fields and the occasion of an artificial turf field, as well as the new strip design, were able to further increase the club's appeal.

Wefapress, as the premium partner and patron of the subject "South Africa 2010", is particularly interested in SpVgg Vreden's youth work.