Vreden plant 2006 (Please click the picture to zoom in)


The roots of Wefapress Beck + Co GmbH go back to the year 1895. At that time, three ancestors of today's owner founded the "Westfalia” Picker Factory. In the 1950's, "Wefa" succeeded in manufacturing the pickers from plastic instead of rawhide. The company was the first in the world to do so, and this step laid the crucial cornerstone for our company's success in plastic manufacturing.

The following is a brief chronological overview of the company's history:


- 1895 Founding of the Westfalia Picker Factory
- 1930 Kurt Beck joins the company management
- 1945 Severe damage from bombing by the Royal Air Force
- 1950 Reconstruction of the production facilities, development of plastic pickers
- 1955 New ideas in plastic technology / Wefapress exhibits at the plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf for the first time
- 1960 Lothar Beck joins the company management
- 1960 - 1995 Expansion and enhancement of plastics processing
- 1995 Lutz and Gerrit Beck take over the company management from their father
- 1998 Expansion of production capacities
- 1999 Establishment of  Wefapress France
- 2000 Establishment of Wefapress South Africa
- 2004 Expansion of the production facilities by 4000 m²
- 2010 Construction of a 300 kw/peak solar collector system

Perspectives for the future:

The combination of tradition and foresighted entrepreneurship gives us the strength to face future challenges. We promote the development of new plastics and consequently develop new markets in an ongoing exchange our with customers and employees – who are and will remain our most valuable assets. We shall also continue to stress long-term product safety and environmental protection over short-term cost factors.

A detailed company chronicle and extensive information on the history can be found on Wikipedia.