Wefapress® is your preferential partner drawing on decades of in-depth experience in scroll production. We offer you solutions from a single source, which means from the plastic production to the design and development all the way through to the finished, functioning scroll.

Wefapress scrolls made of St 1000 natural colored or black, or also in a color of your choice, are resistant to impact and abrasion, sound-insulating and exhibit outstanding notched impact strength and excellent surface quality.
All scrolls are manufactured exclusively on a special numerically controlled machine tool, which allows us to manufacture scrolls with a total length of up to 10,000 mm. The unambiguous coding of all delivered scrolls allows us to deliver absolutely identical replacement parts within the shortest period of time.

Wefapress scrolls guarantee continual, precise, fast and gentle guidance for your products to improve the product performance. We manufacture conveyor scrolls for transporting, compressing or dispensing bulk material, as well as transport scrolls for separating, positioning, turning or grouping piece goods.
Our leading edge CAD/CAM system and our internally developed parameterized programs enable us to develop and manufacture conveyor and transport scrolls quickly and individually according to your requirements.

1) Separating, positioning
2) Positioning stop
3) Turning by 90° or alpha
4) Grouping
5) Regrouping from 1 track to 2 tracks