St 6000® GB

The characteristic property profile of St 6000® GB:

  • lowest wear and improved sliding properties
  • highly resistant to bending and impact
  • no moisture absorption
  • highly resistant to chemicals
standard color(s):
  • grey-blue
delivery form:
  • sheets, rods
application areas:
  • chemicall industry
  • food industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • transport- and conveyor systems
special color(s):
  • --
finished parts:
  • upon request (infoatwefapress [dot] com)

Wefapress St 6000® GB (DIN 16972 TG2)

St 6000® GB is an ultra-high molecular weight low pressure polyethylene (PE-UHMW) with a molecular weight of approximately 6 million g/mol. Thanks to the use of specially selected additives it is possible to enhance the material St 6000® according to the respective, specific demands. St 6000® GB exhibits wear resistance that is distinctly superior to normal standard types.