St 6000® protect

The characteristic property profile of St 6000® protect:

  • properties like St 1000®
  • good acoustic insulation
  • anti-adhesive behavior
  • high energy absorption for shock and impact loading  
standard color(s):
  • grey-blue
delivery form:
  • sheets
application areas:
  • transport technology
  • coal-fired power stations
  • mining
  • lining
special color(s):
  • --
finished parts:
  • upon request (infoatwefapress [dot] com)


Wefapress St 6000® protect (DIN 16972 TG1)

St 6000® protect is a composite material with a sandwich structure; it is manufactured from St 1000® and an oil-resistant rubber (NBR). Our method of sintering under pressure permanently joins the two materials, enabling users to glue the rubberized side.