Steel C-profile

Corrosion protection:

All Wefapress steel C-profiles are normally manufactured from Sendzimir galvanized steel or stainless steel. Types C 2010, C 2812, C 3818 and C 3024 are also available in polished steel (without rust protection). We keep larger quantities of each form and steel type on stock.

Attachment with steel C-profiles:

Wefapress steel C-profiles are cold-rolled with our own tools. They can be attached by means of welding, but we prefer attachment using screws. For a simple screwed connection, we recommend our types CH3147 or CV3153, which have slotted holes Ø 8.5 mm spaced at 200 mm on the attachment strap. This allows the profiles to be readjusted.

  • Overview steel C-profiles:

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