Think Green

In addition to financial and social aspects, our responsibility for the environment is strongly reflected in our day to day thoughts and actions. As a manufacturer of semi-finished products, we are able to recycle our waste material from machining and reuse it. The shavings that result are collected by a special extraction system. After more or less homogenous sorting and a number of grinding processes, we sell the left over material repressed as regenerated material with good wear and sliding characteristics instead of disposing of it. This means that our production waste from this area does not burden the environment.

Morover, we also operate an sophisticated heat exchange system in the pressing plant that allows us to achieve the high temperatures needed for pressing without creating unnecessarily high energy expenditures.

Far-reaching energy optimization throughout the company assisted by an independent consultant furthermore contributes to saving energy and consequently to conserving resources.

The use of a photovoltaic system on the roofs also emphasizes our general commitment to the environment and underscores our awareness of our responsibility as corporate citizen and the appropriate action we take.