The characteristic property profile of CeramX®:

  • good abrasion characteristics
  • low deformation
  • improved temperature behavior (long-term up to 105° C)
  • excellent surface and appearance
  • very good sliding properties
  • lowest abrasion
standard color(s):
  • oyster white
delivery form:
  • only finished parts
application areas:
  • components in the wet area of paper machines (forming boards, foils and suction box covers)
  • components in bottling plants
  • (e.g. rollers)
special color(s):
  • --
finished parts:
  • upon request (infoatwefapress [dot] com)

Wefapress CeramX® (DIN 16972 TG1)

A composite material that fills the gap between heavy-duty ceramics and plastic in many respects, CeramX® remains unmatched on the markets to date. In this context, CeramX® is a hybrid material with a molecular weight of 9.2 million g/mol; it is manufactured exclusively by way of the sintering under pressure procedure.