“A puzzle with 5,000 pieces …”

August 23, 2021: Preparations for reconstruction

Anyone who knows us knows that we usually can’t move fast enough. We can’t wait to finally get the green light for the crucial big post-fire cleanup and let a “giant vacuum” do its work.

It’s time to clean up the site to lay the groundwork for rebuilding our facilities. Everything is to be even more modern and even more innovative than before. The motivation curve is high and our teams are on the starting blocks. A colleague summed it up the other day: “We have a 5,000-piece puzzle. We’ve finished the edge and are now moving on to the inside.” It’s in our DNA to move forward, so now we eagerly await the Go every day! We have a plan and will keep you posted!

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Image: ©Münsterland Zeitung: (f.l.t.r.) Jeanne, Lutz, Gerrit and Clara Beck
Image: ©Münsterland Zeitung: (f.l.t.r.) Jeanne, Lutz, Gerrit and Clara Beck

Strong in the group of companies: Wefapress®, Plast-r-us, Wikiplast Srl and solidarity players in the region!

July 26, 2021: Joining forces and making progress

We join forces! Every day at Wefapress® is characterized by pioneering spirit, drive and pragmatism, supported by great solidarity. Every day brings more information about the degree of destruction, or success stories about production areas that, contrary to all expectations, can continue at 100%. In the meantime, our colleagues from Wefapress®, Plast-r-us and Wikiplast Srl are outgrowing themselves, running triple shifts, and discovering completely new sides to themselves. Next week, a new trainee will arrive. In this constellation we feel well positioned!

Update. That’s what’s going on at Wefapress:

  • Our subsidiary Plast-r-us produces in a 3-shift system without any restrictions.
  • Our subsidiary Wikiplast Srl Italy provides additional production capacity.
  • The old press area will go back into production in August.
  • Production of FlexGuard resumed this week without any restrictions.
  • The turned parts department is again running in double-shift operation.
  • The compounding and heating and cooling systems are intact.
  • The planing lines are available again in the short term.

Update in detail: Many plants look amazingly good!

Press Shop: We now know that about 60% of the plate production was destroyed. It is not yet clear whether all presses have actually been affected. The fact is that the old press area with an annual production volume of 1500 tons can go back into production as early as week 33/34! As a result, we will soon be able to produce special compounds again, as we did not want to have the corresponding recipes or blends produced off-site. A very big advantage: the compounding areas and the heating and cooling systems were not affected. The planing machines are also available again at short notice with repair service. And the production of FlexGuard is in no way affected by the fire. Production will resume in week 30!
Around the actual source of the fire, there are still areas that are still off limits. But as far as drone videos can tell, some plants look amazingly good!

CNC centers in Vreden and Italy boost production

Machining / technical processing: Here, the degree of destruction is particularly severe. The good news is that our daughter Plast-r-us, who sits right in our neighborhood in Vreden, has not been affected by the accident in any way. Filling vacancies and an additional shift can absorb a large portion of the orders. Our subsidiary Wikiplast Srl from Italy is also actively helping and we are proud and grateful for their commitment. Despite all the prophecies of doom, we still have numerous CNC centers in Vreden and Italy. The turned parts department was affected only by soot and smoke, and after eight days of downtime was able to resume operations with a double shift.

Thank you for the great help and solidarity!

“How do you actually do it?” we are often asked. Quite simply: We are always there! We care because Wefapress® is our family, our life and we feel responsible for our employees, our business partners and the region in which we have been rooted for five generations. We are incredibly grateful for the great help and solidarity shown to us at all levels – even from market companions in the neighborhood! We don’t take that for granted at all. From this association we draw strength and the joy of rebuilding for common success!
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Image: The teams of Wefapress®, Plast-r-us and Wikiplast Srl outgrow themselves

Wefapress® does not take a break – all orders are processed.

“Tears have been shed enough, now we plan to start over.” Two days after the major fire, the Beck family of entrepreneurs expresses what has made this company great over the past 126 years: Entrepreneurial spirit, strength and the will to always do better. Not quite a week after the major fire, a lot has already been settled and work is underway again: Management teams, sales and staff are united and highly motivated: Things are moving forward!

The event released tremendous energies in several respects. The very day after the disaster, management and sales came together to discuss the next steps and develop a plan of action. Everyone was there and ready: starting Monday, contact customers, talk to partners, take stock. In parallel, clean up and restore power so phones and computers are running again. If you thought you wouldn’t hear from Wefapress® for a while, you were wrong.

Image rights: Vreden Fire Department

Update. This is what is currently going on at Wefapress®:

  • All orders are processed, only delivery times are a little longer.
  • Existing orders continue to run, in the background everything is arranged for our customers.
  • Inquiries will be processed in the usual manner.
  • Our sales department is back in the office and continues its work undeterred.

History has opened a new chapter for Wefapress® that would not have been possible without the great support of the city of Vreden and the people who live here. As well as the neighboring municipalities, the authorities and institutions involved in the investigation of the cause (a technical defect), the damage assessment and its possible settlement. Everyone has been very fair to us throughout and has strived for speed.

The company history has shown: “We can crisis!” and the new beginning has already started. We are taking all our employees, trainees and our entire business environment with us on this journey! The construction has already begun.

July 05, 2021 Wefapress® looks ahead after devastating major fire

Saturday, July 03, 2021, will have a permanent place in our company history, because at 04:20 an emergency call arrived at the local fire department. What happened in the following two days will present our company with one of its greatest challenges: A major fire destroyed large parts of our production. Currently, the inventory is underway.

It was only thanks to the great efforts of all the forces on site that adjacent buildings, such as neighboring businesses or our new hall, were spared. Nobody got hurt! This is the most important news of the day. Our family thanks all the people from the bottom of our hearts for their dedication, loyalty and motivating, very personal words. One thing is certain: we are looking ahead and will continue to do so.

Wefapress® continues!

The inventory is currently still in progress. As soon as we have gained an overview, we will immediately provide you with up-to-date information. Although we are aware of your concerns, needs and questions, we ask you to be patient. These answers currently still need time. For urgent matters or questions, however, our central office is manned for you.
Since 1895, Wefapress® has always emerged stronger from incisive events. Our family has built up the company with passion, energy and dedication and we will lead this company into the future with heart and soul: for our employees, customers, partners and all people in the region!