A touch of Hollywood in Vreden

It all began in 1961 with a request from the American Fred Hichenberg. Rawhide chew bone for dogs? “We should give it a try,” Wefa boss Lothar Beck showed his right instinct. Two years later, the idea was patented and the success story took off.

And who could be a better godfather for the chew toy than the two 🤩 Disney stars Susi and Strolch? A real coup that boosted sales, especially in the USA.

Whether in the form of a dumbbell, a lollipop or a ring – the chew toys became a real bestseller internationally. In order to meet demand, we had to ramp up production to such an extent that it became necessary to add a third floor to the factory buildings.

And Lady and the Tramp? They even advertised their new favorite toy in France, Denmark and the Netherlands.