Semi-finished products

Versatile semi-finished products from Wefapress®: The basis for your individual plastic solutions

Semi-finished products from Wefapress® are the basis for a wide range of applications in various industries. They are made of high quality plastics such as PE, POM, PA, PET, PTFE and more. Available in the form of sheets, rods and individual cuts, our semi-finished products offer high quality and flexibility for your specific needs.

Semifinished products Sheets

Wefapress® offers a wide range of semi-finished products made of PE-UHMW and PE-HMW in different material and color variants. Our presses allow formats up to 10,200 mm long and 2,500 mm wide. Our products are characterized by high wear resistance, ductility and impact strength. In addition to PE, we also offer semi-finished products made of other engineering plastics such as PA, POM, PET, PTFE and more. Our extensive warehouse ensures fast availability.


In the world of engineering plastics, Wefapress® rods set the standard. High-quality extruded from St 1000® (PE-UHMW), they offer an impressive combination of precision and quality. With diameters from 20 to 250 mm and standard lengths of 1,000 mm and 2,000 mm, they are optimally tailored to our customers’ requirements.

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