125 years of Wefapress®: an anniversary that must be celebrated – albeit in a different way!

Founded in 1895 as Pickerfabrik Westfalia, Wefapress® will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2020. An eventful history that wants to be celebrated in eventful times. Due to the current situation, we are doing this with due detachment: We are taking you on a journey through our history and behind otherwise closed doors – with posts on our social media channels.

A planned party becomes a virtual celebration

Actually, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a big, glittering party in June. Actually – because of the Corona pandemic such an event is of course unfortunately not possible.

How we celebrate our company anniversary in 2020?

But even if we don’t get together to celebrate now, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our 125th anniversary of Wefapress® in other ways. To keep us all healthy, we’re moving our celebrations home without further ado – and thus to the Internet.

A look behind the scenes and into history

And it will look like this: In the coming weeks, we will be sharing entertaining, surprising and sometimes curious facts from 125 years of company history on our social media channels. We let historical documents, contemporary witnesses and anecdotes from the past speak – but also grant current glimpses behind the scenes of our plastics production.

Joy for what is coming

We are looking forward to varied weeks, celebrating our birthday together – and the moment when we can congratulate each other personally again.

So: Join us on a journey through 125 years of company history as a plastics manufacturing company, learn new things about Wefapress, the Wefapress competencies and – at least as important – stay healthy!