125 years of Wefapress – that also stands for 125 years of solidarity with Vreden and the region. And for us, that means: We want to give something back!

In recent years, for example, we have presented sets of jerseys to the B-youth team of FC Vreden, the D2 of DJK Eintracht Stadtlohn and the mixed volleyball team of TV Vreden. We supported the Vreden Triathlon and provided the boxing department of TV Vreden with new gloves. We also sponsor the up-and-coming motorcycle racer Toine Gierkink from Winterswijk / Netherlands and the sailing regatta team led by Viktor Bolomey from Dunkerque / France.

Doing good with discarded items

The fact that it is still possible to give great pleasure to others even with what is actually obsolete was demonstrated when we donated a circular table saw from our production halls to the Vreden-based association “Mit Hand und Herz“. So the club members – all craftsmen in well-deserved retirement – succeed in creating nesting boxes, wild bee hotels, benches, decorations and, above all, the famous flamingos with even more ease.

Support learning: Sinsheim Conveyor Technology Adventure Museum

And we also support learning: Of course, an exhibit from Wefapress was not to be missed at the Sinsheim Conveyor Technology Adventure Museum. Our “screw machine” uses colorful plastic balls to illustrate the principle of screw conveyors.

Our drive in all of this? It is the enthusiasm and the lifeblood of the active people. We are happy to be infected by this. We have learned that even small actions can make a big difference.