Always on tour in Europe! Wefapress has always been active at trade fairs

Wefapress on tour in Europe: Active at trade fairs since the 1960s

As early as the 1960s, Wefapress was represented at numerous industry shows, exhibiting product innovations and seeking contact with customers and partners – and of course taking a look or two at what the competition had to offer.

Whether at the International Textile Machinery Exhibition (Itma) in Switzerland, the Interzoo in Nuremberg (pet supplies) or the K (plastics trade fair) in Düsseldorf, whether in Paris, Milan or Basel – Wefapress was there and made the products from Vreden internationally known and in demand.

With the company’s own “Bully” on a great journey

Often, the company’s own “Bully” took them on long journeys. At the beginning, there were still self-made display boards in the hold. Later, the stand construction was left to external stand builders – not always with smooth results:

Exhibition stand adventure in Milan

When Karl Nünning wanted to inspect the Wefapress stand in Milan in 1979, there was a problem: there was no stand. It turned out that the supplier was stuck on the track with the stand elements. And when it arrived hours later, there was the next surprise: the booth did not match the organizer’s specifications. Only with a lot of improvisation talent could the booth be set up shortly before the gates opened.

Today: Wefapress is a guest at numerous trade fairs

Even today, we are guests at numerous trade fairs with our products. Why don’t you come by for a chat?