Colored plastics from Wefapress® make your plastic part unique!

Colors are used for communication, information and design.

They convey symbolic messages, signal, or provide guidance. Whenever occupational safety or the optimization of paths and processes are involved, industry also uses the effect of colors – for example, to protect its employees or to make production processes more efficient.

Wefapress® holds plastics based on PE-UHMW and other engineering plastics in an unprecedented variety of colors: 40 standard colors (Wefapress color chart for download) and 60 additional project colors are available for unmistakable marking of machine components in production machines and technical systems. In the form of semi-finished products, or individual plastic parts manufactured in the desired color.

Technical plastic parts in the CI of the company.

It doesn’t always have to be green, white or black! Because colors make a brand unmistakable. So why not also consistently and recognizably continue the company’s own CI in the production and processing area? With colored plastic parts in your own corporate color from Wefapress®! This creates identification among employees and attention among customers. Simply order the color of your choice and stand out from the crowd.

Individual plastic solutions, such as milled and turned plastic parts which, thanks to their physical properties, can be used excellently in all industries and for all requirements.

Transport and conveying screws made of plastic for smooth and gentle transport of bottles, cups or other containers.

Through Gear wheels made of high-performance thermoplastics such as PE, POM, PA or PET, which are in no way inferior to components made of other materials and can replace them.

“Find the difference!”
Same shape, different head holes.
Color as a clear distinguishing feature.

Colored plastic parts – safe, clearly identifiable, economical.

Colored plastic parts offer safety and save time and money, because they can simply be identified quickly and unmistakably in the event of maintenance. Both in complex machines and in the warehouse. So there are good reasons for the clear color coding of technical plastic parts for machinery and equipment:

Safety: Colors signal danger or provide orientation. Colored technical plastic parts from Wefapress® achieve the same effect. Installed in a signal color in the danger zone of a plant, they ensure the necessary attention and thus more safety for man and machine. Especially in contrast with parts that are used in a non-flashy color.

Economy: In the machine, each individual component must ensure the safety of production. Failures and long downtimes are an absolute no-go. But how can similar components be distinguished without doubt under high pressure? The solution: A unique color code for all plastic parts in the company makes replacement easier when changing molds or formats and ensures a smoother production flow.

There are virtually no limits to the colors, shapes and applications for engineering plastics with Wefapress®.

Just ask us if you want a plastic in a certain color or need a special fabrication. We are happy to help you with our technical plastic parts . At short notice and without high minimum purchase – if the material should not be available from stock. Our customer service team is looking forward to your product inquiry.