New production machines for Wefapress®

Finally – space for new machines!

Now that more than 750 tons of scrap have been neatly separated according to recyclable materials in an astonishingly fast process, the way is finally clear for the step-by-step construction of a new machine park. One thing is already certain: it will be more modern, more digital and more powerful than ever.

The delivery of a new production machine is always a special moment, because our CNC lathes and milling machines are the heart of our company: in the meantime, a new 5-axis machining center, a Hedelius T7-3200 for machining heavy workpieces, is about to be commissioned, while this week a vertical machining center with 1,850 mm x-axis and max. 3,000 kg loading weight – a DMC 1850 V from DMG Mori was supplied.

Further machine deliveries are planned – depending on the availability of components – for the end of November/beginning of December the delivery of another highlight to the company: another TILTENTA 7-3200 2R, this time with space for 240 tools and equipped with a traveling tool magazine with 50 places. It can continue like this, because with every new machine we return to our full performance and competitiveness.

Our core competence: special compounds according to our own formulations

In an interview with the trade magazine K Profi, it became clear to us ourselves once again how quickly production was able to restart in our undamaged operating sections, as the older press section with an annual capacity of 1,800 t of semi-finished products was already back in production in mid-August. The crucial thing was that we were very soon able to process specialty compounds again according to our own recipes, compounds and processing parameters. After all, our recipes are sacred and we would never give them away. Conclusion: Things are moving forward at Wefapress® – we will keep you up to date!

The interview and the 6-page article that followed reminded us once again how strong we are as a company with great employees and what an important role cooperative partners and supporters play.