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PETP is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic polyethylene terephthalate. This material is characterized by better wear values and lower moisture absorption than POM. PETP is particularly suitable for complex precision parts.
natural colors (7000)
black (6000)
Special features
PET with good dimensional stability
Food Conformity
EU 1935/2004 - EU 10/2011 [as FSP Quality]
FDA compliant
FDA approved
good lubricity
high wear resistance
compliant with EU 10/2011 (as FSP variant)
long-term temperature >100°C
very good dimensional stability
Field(s) of application
Components for the food industry
Components for the pharmaceutical industry
Slide profiles / slide bearings / slide rails
Tightly tolerated machine parts
Chemical Industry
Machinery and Plant Engineering
Food Industry
Raw material group(s)
commodity group-7
Special color(s)
Material color(s)
natural colors
Data sheets
Material information
Safety data sheets