Antistatic and yet not black or gray: that’s PharmaStat in the strikingly different signal white. Developed for the highest demands of production and conveyor systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries, PharmaStat offers reliable protection against electrical voltages as well as a high sliding capacity. Hygienic and durable, the material ensures reliable operation – and cuts a good figure at the same time thanks to its color scheme.
signal white (7001)
Special features
Antistatic material in color
Food Conformity
EU 1935/2004 - EU 10/2011 [as FSP Quality]
FDA compliant
good lubricity
high chemical resistance
high wear resistance
no moisture absorption
very good impact resistance
Field(s) of application
Components for the food industry
Components for the pharmaceutical industry
Conveyor stars
Guide rails
Slide profiles / slide bearings / slide rails
Shock- and impact-stressed parts
Transport and conveyor screws
Machinery and Plant Engineering
Raw material group(s)
PE-UHMW | Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Special color(s)
Material color(s)
Data sheets
Material information
Safety data sheets