natural colors (7000)
black (6000)
ultramarine blue (3009)
Special features
Technical plastic with high mechanical strength and stiffness
Food Conformity
EU 1935/2004 - EU 10/2011 [as FSP Quality]
FDA compliant
FDA approved
good lubricity
high wear resistance
no moisture absorption
compliant with EU 10/2011 (as FSP variant)
long-term temperature >100°C
very good dimensional stability
Field(s) of application
Components for the food industry
Components for the pharmaceutical industry
Slide profiles / slide bearings / slide rails
Transport and conveyor screws
Chemical Industry
Conveying Technology and Automation
Machinery and Plant Engineering
Food Industry
Raw material group(s)
POM-C | Polyoxymethylene
Special color(s)
Material color(s)
natural colors
Data sheets
Material information
Safety data sheets