The clean-up work is done – let’s continue with the renovation measures for the production!

We finally got the green light to clean up after the fire. A lot has happened on our Wefapress® site in the last few months. We look back with pride on the past weeks, in which the entire team and all other clean-up helpers have worked diligently to free the Wefapress® site from the last remnants of the fire.

Last damages were removed

The long-awaited cleanup could finally take place. There were quite a few things on the schedule: We had to remove the foundation from the subsoil in order to perform a soil analysis. Ice blasting was used to remove soot from a wall and our teams were able to begin repairing the roofs. Now the work for the repair of the halls and buildings can begin.

Modern production facilities in planning

We are using the reconstruction of our production buildings for technical plastics and plastic parts to become even more modern and innovative than before – for this reason we also directly took care of solar panels for our shipping hall roof. With an output of up to 415 kWp (kilowatt peak), they will provide us in the future with sustainable electricity electricity.

Renewal also in the machinery

In the meantime, a company has moved out of an adjacent Wefapress® building. We need space and are now moving into the building ourselves. We are proud of the drive of our team and cleanup volunteers, without whom everything would have progressed much more slowly. In the summer, many new machines will then arrive so that our productivity increases and the company can run at full speed again. However, due to the current world situation, many dates remain flexible and cannot be guaranteed. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us via the product inquiry. The next step is now the reconstruction. The entire Wefapress® team is looking forward to this important event. If everything goes smoothly, it will start soon.