Try a substitution with plastic – Highest quality for the industry

The challenge: A new way in production

Never change a running system: The motto may be true in many cases. But at least just as often, it doesn’t fit. Because sometimes companies have to break new ground in production. Just one example of many: The supplier of a textile company that specialized in the production of gears made of wood will cease operations in the near future. Various questions now arose for our customer: Who can supply the parts needed for the machines? Should they continue to be made of wood or is a substitution – for example with plastic – a possibility? And which manufacturer can implement the special requirements?

The solution: material change from wood to plastic

From the request to Wefapress to change the material from wood to plastic, through sample testing and quotation preparation, to production release, only a short time passed. Our high-performance thermoplastics score points in several respects – both economically and in terms of quality: they are lightweight, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and many times superior to classic materials such as metal and wood. The wide range of materials and colors ensures the right solution for every application. All advantages that have completely convinced our customer.

Innovative solutions through plastics

Are you curious about what innovative solutions and processing are possible with plastics? Just send us a product inquiry with drawing or sample to get a free quote. Throughout the entire development process, we are at your side with a competent team of application technicians and engineers, and we will advise you free of charge, even at your site for more complex applications. Perhaps the substitution of wood, metal or other materials with plastic is also a sensible measure for your company.

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